Why do dogs howl?

 Why do dogs howl?

 What are the reasons that make some dogs howl while others don't?

Why do dogs howl?
Why do dogs howl?

Causes of howling in some dogs.

 Do you know the secret of dogs howling? Why do dogs sometimes howl like wolves? We see some dogs howling when they hear the doorbell or see a stranger. And often, we don't know exactly why a dog howls, as we suddenly see it start howling. 

 Some dogs may howl more than others, continuing to howl for extended periods. Dog owners often become concerned when they don't know the reason behind their dog's howling. In this article, we have gathered the most common reasons that explain the secret of dogs howling.

The secret of dogs howling:

 Dog howling is considered a form of vocal communication used by dogs to convey their intentions. Howling is an instinct in dogs, just like barking and whimpering, and it may be inherited from their wolf ancestors. Some dogs howl, while others do not produce howling sounds. 

 Perhaps a dog's howling is an individual behavior, or it may be related to the breed it belongs to. There are certain breeds known for their high-pitched howling, similar to that of wolves, and examples of these breeds include the Husky breed. The reason for the howling sound produced by this breed can be traced back to their origin in the forests of Siberia.

Important reasons that make a dog howl:

 Several reasons could be behind a dog's howling. Some of them are natural, while others may be concerning and require a response from the owner. One common reason that makes your dog howl is their desire to communicate with others. Their howling can serve as a distress signal they send to you if they feel threatened.

 Some dogs howl to seek attention or when they hear loud noises or experience pain and discomfort. These reasons don't cause much concern, but other reasons can be worrisome when you hear your dog howling. Therefore, we will delve a little deeper into mentioning the reasons that make dogs howl.

Attention-seeking howling:

 One of the main reasons that make your dog howl is to seek attention. Some dogs howl when any change occurs around them to draw their owner's attention to that change. For example, if the dog looks out the window and sees a stranger in the yard, it may perceive this as a threat and start howling as an alarm sound to inform its owner. 

 This behavior is a defensive mechanism used by wolves when something unfamiliar appears, ensuring that the rest of the pack is aware of the change in their surroundings or to deter approaching predators.

Howling due to loud noises:

 Some dogs howl when there are loud noises around them. If they hear a sharp or high-pitched sound, such as alarms or certain types of music like harmonicas or singing, they may start howling. Dogs vary in their responses, while some dogs howl in response to loud noises, others stick to barking. Howling, in particular, may occur when they hear sirens.

Howling due to pain and discomfort:

The secret behind dogs howling can sometimes be their feeling of pain or discomfort. Your dog may start howling suddenly or repeatedly without an apparent reason. In such cases, it is important to examine them as they may be sick or injured. Howling is a way for dogs to express pain, so don't hesitate to seek help from a veterinarian if you feel that your dog may be sick or in pain without an obvious cause.

Separation anxiety as a cause of howling:

 Separation anxiety or compulsive barking is a concerning reason if it is the cause of your dog's howling. This type of anxiety affects dogs when they are left alone at home. Your neighbors may become annoyed by the sound of your dog's howling in your absence. The howling is a result of your dog not feeling comfortable and experiencing anxiety when separated from their owner.

 This condition is known as separation anxiety, and it has symptoms that manifest in dogs. One of the main symptoms is engaging in repetitive behaviors in the same spot, such as spinning in circles.

 You may also observe your dog running frantically or attempting to escape from the house. In addition, they may show a desire to destroy things around them and experience feelings of depression, sometimes accompanied by drooling.

  Suppose you notice an anxious look in your dog's eyes when you leave the house or observe any symptoms of separation anxiety. In that case, it is advisable to seek help from a behavioral expert.

Why do some dogs howl while others don't?!

 When you search for the secret behind dogs' howling, it may feel like there is a hidden motive or puzzle to their howling. The reason behind this is that you may see some dogs howling while others only know barking. As mentioned earlier, a dog's howling can be an individual behavior or due to the breed they belong to. Some breeds that are known for howling include Alaskan Malamutes, Beagles, and American Eskimo Dogs, as well as police dogs, German Shepherds, and hunting dogs.


 There are various reasons for a dog's howling, and sometimes we may not know the exact secret behind it. However, remember that every time your dog howls, there is a message they want to convey to you. Don't hesitate to explore what they want. Just as speech is the means for humans to express their desires, howling is one of the ways dogs express themselves.


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