Why do dogs love to cuddle with their owners?

 Why do dogs love to cuddle with their owners?

Why do dogs love to cuddle with their owners?
Why do dogs love to cuddle with their owners?

When do dogs enjoy cuddling with their owners, and when do they dislike it? 

 We discussed hugging in previous articles and mentioned that many dogs don't enjoy it. However, in this article, we will talk about cuddling. Do dogs enjoy cuddling? 

 Or do they not want it like hugging? And why do dogs love to cuddle with their owners?

 For those who don't know the difference between hugging and cuddling, let me clarify it for you. Hugging is when two individuals wrap their arms around each other. On the other hand, cuddling can be one-sided, like when your dog snuggles into your lap without reciprocating the gesture. This is what we will discuss in our article—the moments when your dog approaches you and comes by your side.

Why do dogs love to cuddle with their owners?

Cuddling for warmth:

 Dogs enjoy cuddling with each other or with their owners because it provides them with affection, warmth, and comfort. Dogs feel a sense of love and security when they come close to you or their peers. This is expressed in the image we often see in parks or even on the streets when young puppies huddle together like a pile, seeking refuge from the cold of winter. 

 When dogs feel cold, they quickly seek to cuddle with each other to feel warm. Therefore, don't let your dog face the cold; let them cuddle with you always or provide them with additional blankets.

Let your dog cuddle with you to express affection:

 When dogs desire to cuddle with humans, it's not just about seeking warmth; they want to show love and affection to their owners. Cuddling is a way for dogs to express their love for their owners and strengthen the bonds of affection between them. Researchers have found that dogs have the strongest attachment to their owners among all pets.

 The relationship between dogs and humans has persisted for thousands of years. The impact of this strong bond is evident in the traits that dogs have acquired from humans. Cuddling is one of these traits that dogs have adopted from humans to express their feelings of love and contentment toward their owners.

The scientific reason behind dogs' love for cuddling:

 If you're feeling stressed, play with your dog for a few minutes! Scientific evidence has shown that interacting with and petting dogs increases oxytocin levels in both humans and dogs. Cuddling is an effective remedy for relieving stress. Research has also found that the interaction between dogs and humans triggers similar hormonal responses as those observed between a mother and her child.

 Researchers have stated that dogs' strong ability to form bonds with humans played a significant role in their domestication. Dogs that were able to bond and adapt to humans were more likely to receive the necessary care and protection. Cuddling was one of the factors in this upbringing that contributed to the increased bond between dogs and humans.

Why do some dogs love cuddling more than others?

 As is often the case, dogs have unique and independent personalities. What one dog desires may not appeal to another dog. Some dogs are more affectionate than others, just like humans. Not all dogs possess the same level of love or tenderness; they have distinct personalities that differ from one another. 

 However, genetics also play a role, as cuddliness can be an inherited trait in certain dog breeds, such as Pomeranians and Yorkshire Terriers. These breeds are known for their small size, which makes cuddling easier and less intimidating.

Dogs don't enjoy cuddling in the summer:

 This is a motto dogs live by during the summer season, as their bodies have a higher temperature compared to humans. You may witness some dogs immediately running towards a water pool or wet ground and flopping onto it, attempting to cool themselves down.

  They don't prefer cuddling in the summer due to the high temperature, as cuddling generates additional heat from the contact between the dog's body and its owner. When your dog doesn't want to cuddle, it's trying to maintain its body's coolness.


 We have answered the question of why dogs love cuddling with their owners. However, it's important to distinguish between hugging and cuddling. Dogs do not enjoy hugging, and it can have negative consequences for you. 

 Dogs are animals known for their running and fleeing abilities. Contrary to popular belief that a dog's teeth are its primary means of defense, their first instinct for self-defense is to escape and run. Therefore, when you embrace them and wrap your arms around them, it makes them feel constrained and restricted. When they sense their movement is restricted, they experience pressure and tension, which can result in the dog biting if stress levels rise. 

 On the other hand, cuddling is something they initiate themselves when they want it. Teach your children how to cuddle with their dogs and discourage them from hugging dogs.


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