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Make money online - The 9 best methods.

Make money online - The 9 best methods.

Make money online - The 9 best methods
Make money online - The 9 best methods

Make money online: The 9 best methods.

 Today, it is very easy to make money online. I'm surprised that more people don't use the internet to earn money. What many don't know about me is that I have been making money online directly from my laptop since 2024. Making money online is incredibly easy once you learn how it works. 

 All you need to make money online is a laptop (sometimes just a smartphone is enough!) with an internet connection. 

My best tips and ways to make money online today are:

  • Start a simple blog or use affiliate links if you have followers on social media to quickly earn money.
  • Get started with affiliate marketing and make money on your website (check out my affiliate marketing course).
  • Take panel surveys via Norstat and earn over 50 USD  from your laptop.
  • Register with Norstat and answer some panel surveys. You can get the money paid out as gift cards or to your account. Simple and convenient.
  • Take panel surveys via Swishpanelen and get paid via Swish!
  • Take panel surveys via MonoSurveys.com and earn a few hundred USD per month!
  •  Register with MonoSurveys and answer surveys. You can get the money paid out via PayPal, PaySafe, or as an Amazon gift card!
  • Take panel surveys via YouGov and get paid with gift cards!
  • Take panel surveys via Toluna.com and earn over 500 SEK paid out via PayPal or gift cards!
  • Take panel surveys via Åsiktstorget and earn up to 30 USD per paid survey!
  • Make money with panel surveys at e-Research Global.
  • Make money with stocks on Avanza, Nordnet, or eToro.
  • It is easy today to make money with stocks. If you have a few thousand kronor saved up, you can buy dividend stocks that give you money every month.
  • Make money with your website.
  • My websites generate a passive income of over 10000 USD per month, which I currently live on.
  • There are many ways to make money with your website. 
  • Make money by lending your money through Savelend.
  • On these sites, you can lend your money to individuals and businesses. You earn interest on your money without lifting a finger. On Savelend, you also get a bonus of up to 600 USD when you start lending your money.

How to make money online?

 There are many different ways you can make money on the internet.

 The most common way that most people make money online is by creating their website and placing ads on it. The ads that earn you the most money online are called affiliate links.

  1. Most people make money online by building their websites through affiliate marketing.
  2. It is also becoming increasingly common for individuals to make money on YouTube.
  3. Another common way to make money online is through stock trading.
  4. Many influencers make a lot of money online through Instagram with a large following.
  5. A common way that many English-speaking individuals make money is through Dropshipping.
  6. Many teachers choose to make money on the Internet through digital courses where they offer their knowledge and earn passive income.
  7. You can also make money online by selling e-books with your expertise.
  8. Another way to make money is by blogging about different services and products, as I do here.
  9. Make money by investing in cryptocurrencies.

  Below, I will go through these 9 simple tips on how you can make money online.

  You will also get my best tips and ideas on how to start earning money online right from home!

1. Make money online with Affiliate Marketing:

  The most common and easy way to make money online is through something called affiliate marketing.

  Affiliate marketing simply means that you help others find products/services that you believe they are interested in.

  Affiliate marketing means that you advertise other companies' services or products. In return, you receive a commission when, for example, a reader on your blog clicks through to a company's website and purchases the product or service.

 For example, you may have seen many influencers sharing links or discount codes to different products on their Instagram, and when you click on the link or use their discount code, they receive a commission on your purchase.

2. Make money online on YouTube:

  You can also make money online by filming videos that you then publish on YouTube.

 I have earned almost 10000 USD  online just by uploading different videos on YouTube. It's very simple because all you need to do is upload videos.

  But the catch here is that you want to publish good videos to make money on YouTube.

 There is a requirement for you as a creator to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours before you can apply to show ads on your YouTube videos.

 However, I used affiliate links directly when I started with YouTube, which allowed me to earn money right away without meeting the requirement that YouTube has for you to have Adsense ads in your videos.

 TubeBuddy helps you earn more money on YouTube

 I recommend using a browser extension called TubeBuddy. With TubeBuddy, you can see the search volume on YouTube, which helps you analyze what people are searching for.

 For example, if 5000 people per month search for "how to make money on YouTube," you can take that idea and create a video with that title.

 That way, you will get views on your YouTube video, which helps you earn more money on YouTube.

3. Make money online on stocks:

 You can make money on stocks if you invest your money in companies that are growing and earning more money year after year.

 It is very simple to make money on stocks if you choose to be long-term and invest money that you don't depend on right now.

 For example, the Swedish stock market has increased by +75% in the last 3 years.

 This means that if you had invested 10,000 SEK before the turn of the year, you could have earned 3,000 SEK online by investing your money in a regular index fund.

4. Make money online on Instagram:

 Instagram has grown from being a traditional photo-sharing app to becoming a full-fledged e-commerce platform.

 Many influencers sell their products and services directly through Instagram, but it doesn't have to be that advanced to make money online on Instagram.

 Most influencers make money on Instagram through sponsored collaborations with different companies that want to be seen by their followers. Often, sponsored collaborations can be combined with affiliate links, which can earn you a lot of money online on Instagram.

5. Make money  online on Dropshipping:

 Dropshipping is a common way that many businesses make money today. As an individual, you can also start with dropshipping. This is a very lucrative way to earn a lot of money from online.

 The most common way to start making money on dropshipping is through Shopify. It is the best platform for dropshipping today.

 If you choose to make money through dropshipping, you find a product that another company manufactures, and then you sell it through your website. 

 If a customer buys the product you are marketing, the product will be shipped directly from the manufacturer's warehouse instead of you having to buy it and keep inventory at home.

 Dropshipping is a scalable method that many successful businesses use today. 

 For example, Amazon, Fyndiq, and similar services are dropshipping businesses that make a lot of money online. They have simply built a strong brand but do not need to have any inventory. Instead, they simply ask the manufacturer to ship the product directly to the customer's home.

6. Make money online on digital courses:

 Are you skilled in language, programming, website building, finance, or similar areas? Perhaps you are or have been a teacher in school. In that case, you can create your digital courses and sell them online.

 Many teachers have transitioned to selling digital courses online because they simply earn more money from their digital courses than from a traditional teaching profession.

 The advantage of this is that those who take the course are genuinely interested in the expertise that you possess.

7. Make money online on e-books:

  If you are good at putting together simple and easy-to-understand e-books, you can make a good amount of money. For example, I could create an e-book about how to make money online, which would be a more developed version of this article, and sell it for a few dollars.

 Once it is produced and available online, you don't need any time to maintain the sales of your e-books. It becomes fully automated when it is out there in the cloud.

8. Make money online on your blog:

 Many people today are making money from the blogs that they run from home. As you can read in this article further up, it is easy to earn money from your blog using affiliate marketing, sponsored articles, or self-produced YouTube videos.

 You can also earn money from your blog through many of the other tips I have provided here on the page.

Tip: Use an AI to write SEO-optimized content on your website. 

9. Make money online by investing in cryptocurrencies:

 Many people do not know you can earn a lot of money by investing in cryptocurrencies.

 For example, Bitcoin has risen by over +400% in the past 12 months.

 What you need to be aware of if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies is that it carries a higher risk compared to investing your money in stocks and funds, for example. But the potential for returns is also greater if you have the time on your side to be lon


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