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Top 18 Ways to Make Money on TikTok: From 0 to 1 Million USD

Top 18 Ways to Make Money on TikTok: From 0 to 1 Million USD

Top 18 Ways to Make Money on TikTok: From 0 to 1 Million USD
Top 18 Ways to Make Money on TikTok: From 0 to 1 Million USD

Top 18 Ways to Make Money on TikTok.

 Many people use TikTok as a means of entertainment. However, within this social network, there are many ways to have fun and monetize your channel. I know about 18 ways to easily and simply earn money on TikTok, allowing you to consistently generate income.

 Success in this endeavor depends on the availability of free time, knowledge, skills, and the desire to work. In other words, everyone will find a suitable way to earn money on today's list. Let's get started!

Earning on Your Channel:

 The main source of income on TikTok is monetizing your profile. Suppose you have decided to become a popular TikTok and are taking your first steps in this direction or have already achieved significant results. In that case, you have every chance to earn money on your TikTok profile.

1. Promotion/Selling Products or Services:

 TikTok is a good platform for promoting self-made products or services. If you provide remote services or sell something online, this platform is suitable for you.

 Make reviews, showcase your product in action, share customer video testimonials, include links to sections in the online store, and publish native content. All of this will eventually lead you to sales.

2. Placement of affiliate links:

 Participating in affiliate programs can generate a good and stable income. You can place affiliate links anywhere, including websites, blogs, and social media platforms, including TikTok. Simply insert the link in the video description or channel bio and earn commissions on purchases made by your subscribers.

Earnings: It depends on the terms of the affiliate programs. On average, affiliate programs offer up to 20% of the total amount paid by the customer for an order.

3. Brand Ambassadorship:

 A brand ambassador is someone who internally and externally represents the company's image, embodies its core values, and is an active user of the brand. They act as the official face of the brand, embodying the image of an ideal consumer, participating in various image and promotional events, and motivating people to make purchases.

 There are many brand ambassadors on TikTok as well. TikTokers create videos wearing branded clothing, in stores and cafes, against exhibition stands, and more. The key is that each video by the brand ambassador on their channel should directly or indirectly mention the brand.

Earnings: Ranging from 15,000 to 100,000 USD per month, depending on the scope of the brand and the number of customers you bring in.

4. Supporting brand-initiated challenges:

 Challenges are a type of advertising campaign on TikTok that works based on the viral effect, spreading through the social network using unique hashtags. The number of views for challenge hashtags directly influences the brand's popularity and increases the likelihood of the video appearing in the "For You" section.

 The promotion principle here is similar to promoting music tracks through ads. Bloggers are paid a certain fee to support a specific challenge, create a video, and post it on their profile, encouraging their followers to join in.

Earnings: Starting from 500 USD per challenge, depending on the number of your followers and the scale of the promoted brand.

5. Monetizing Live Streams:

 Once your channel reaches 1,000 subscribers, you will have access to the live-streaming feature. During the live stream, viewers can show their appreciation for interesting and valuable content by using TikTok's internal currency.

 Any user can purchase a minimum of 100 coins for 69 USD within the app and then exchange them for stickers to gift to the creators during live streams. For each sticker gifted to you, you will receive 80% of its value. The money earned in this way can be cashed out.

 Earnings: On average, about 30% of your followers will view your live streams. The minimum cost of one sticker is 5 coins. Let's assume that each viewer gifts you one of the cheapest stickers. Based on this, we can calculate the minimum earnings for one live stream.

 It's interesting to note that the record for earnings from live streams is held by a resident of China, Meng Lei. His stream was viewed by 22 million viewers who gifted him stickers worth 167,000 USD.

 However, keep in mind that not every subscriber watching the stream will gift you a sticker. At the same time, some viewers may buy stickers for you not at the minimum price of 5 coins but, for example, at 25 coins. In such cases, your earnings will increase.

6. Advertising other channels:

 Promote other TikTokers who have accounts with similar themes for money. You can start with mutual promotion by suggesting cross-promotion to users with similar activity levels as yours.

 When your number of subscribers exceeds 5,000, consider options for paid advertising. Start with beginner TikTokers and gradually move to larger, more profitable channels.

Earnings: Directly depend on the number and activity of your audience. At the time of writing this article, the following rate cards are relevant.

7. Promoting music tracks:

 Most TikTok videos are accompanied by music compositions. The track's title is displayed at the bottom of the screen and is openly accessible. By clicking on the title of a favorite track, you can use it in your videos on your channel.

 The more a certain melody is used among TikTokers, the more popular it becomes on the social network and the higher its position in the rankings. That's why performers or track authors often ask bloggers to use their melodies as musical accompaniment in their videos for a certain fee.

Earnings: From 200 to 500 USD per track.

Earnings from creating videos:

If you don't have your channel and the desire to become a popular TikTok, but you have great creative potential and skills in video creation and editing, the following earning methods are for you.

1. Writing narrative scripts:

 Prestigious brands cannot make impromptu posts. Therefore, videos published on brand or large company channels must be well thought out and filmed by the overall marketing strategy.

 In general, TikTok is not a priority channel for many major brands, and in-house specialists often lack time to fully manage a channel on this platform. This is where remote specialists come to the rescue, and companies often resort to their services.

 So, if you are a beginner scriptwriter, blogger, commercial writer, journalist, SMM specialist, or simply have the ability to tell engaging stories, you can try yourself in this direction and start earning.

 Earnings: Starting from 500 USD per script.

2. Video shooting:

 The only content format on TikTok is video clips. However, many companies cannot afford to post average-quality videos made by an SMM specialist's smartphone. It's not professional and immediately tarnishes the overall impression of the company's image. Hiring an in-house videographer to shoot short clips is not always cost-effective. That's why they often seek the assistance of freelance videographers.

 If you are a specialist in this field or simply passionate about videography, it can be a good source of additional income.

 Earnings: From 500 to 3,000 USD per hour.

3. Video editing:

 The next step in shooting TikTok videos is editing. Video clips can be edited by either a videographer (in which case the cost of their work per hour will be significantly higher) or a separate remote specialist. You should pay attention to this type of earning if you have professional video editing software skills and can seamlessly combine multiple frames into a single video sequence.

Earnings: Starting from 500 USD per video.

4. Video editing with presets:

 There is a trend on social media to maintain a consistent style and color scheme throughout a profile. Presets are special settings that allow you to apply the same color and light adjustments to different photos. However, technology is constantly evolving, and video presets are now in high demand. 

  If you are proficient in Adobe Photoshop, you have an excellent opportunity to earn money by editing videos for TikTok. Another option is to sell ready-made video presets to channel creators.

Earnings: Starting from 500 USD per video.

5. Creating intros for videos:

 Another aspect of TikTok channel customization is video intros (previews) (similar to intros on YouTube channels). Currently, this area is not yet fully developed, but it will become highly relevant shortly, and second-long intros in a consistent style will be an important factor for profiles.

 Today, you have a chance to be one of the first to occupy this niche. Moreover, minimal skills are required for this task - just knowledge of any graphic editing software. And, of course, creativity.

Earnings: Starting from 500 USD per intro.

Earning with SMM:

 The following methods are for those who aspire to become exceptional niche SMM specialists or are already working on social media promotion projects as freelancers or within advertising agencies. You can acquire all the necessary knowledge through TikTok courses. Here, I will explain how to earn money on TikTok by applying the fundamentals of social media marketing.

1. Ad campaign setup:

 There is currently limited information available on how to create advertisements on TikTok. As a result, some TikTokers and business owners are unable to set up ad campaigns on their own.

 However, in reality, setting up advertising on TikTok is not much different from placing ads on other social media platforms. Therefore, if you are familiar with the basics of SMM and targeting, you can confidently offer your services in launching ad campaigns.

Earnings: Starting from 1000 USD per ad campaign.

2. Developing SMM strategies for channels:

 As mentioned earlier, TikTok is not a priority platform for promotion for many major companies. However, everyone strives to have an engaging account here to keep up with the trends. Achieving high results can only be possible by following a clear and quality strategy for managing and promoting the channel.

 To develop such strategies, remote specialists are often hired by business owners and popular bloggers. Currently, the majority of SMM agencies have not yet added TikTok promotion to their list of services, which is a missed opportunity. Therefore, I recommend paying attention to this niche.

Earnings: Starting from 15,000 USD.

3. Creating content plans for channels:

 Another skill of an SMM specialist that can generate income through TikTok is the ability to create content plans. Like other social media platforms, it is necessary to track the timing of video uploads on TikTok and monitor the frequency of updates.

 There is no universal recipe for all channels here; it is individual and depends on the theme and audience activity. If you can vary content types and analyze activity peaks on platforms like Facebook or Instagram*, try taking on projects in TikTok as well. The working principle is the same.

Earnings: Starting from 2000 USD (monthly content plan).

Earning on TikTok services:

 Just like any other social media platform, there are already services on TikTok that offer follower, like, and view boosting. Many of these services provide an opportunity to earn money by performing these actions. Below are a few trusted platforms that are ready to pay for your activity.

How to increase earnings on TikTok:

 The income you can generate on TikTok depends not only on your willingness to work but also on certain technical characteristics of your channel. To increase your earnings, you need to enhance your popularity and get featured in the "For You" section. Here are some tips on how to achieve that:

  1. Publish content regularly. Don't let your followers get bored—create a content plan and stick to it. It's best to post videos at least twice a week during the peak activity times of your audience.
  2. Engage in active profile promotion. Use cross-promotion, collaborate with popular TikTokers for advertising, organize contests and challenges, utilize follower-boosting services, and share links to your channel on other social media platforms.
  3. Create your Tik-Code. Make a QR code for your channel and place it on business cards, websites, or in the fitting rooms of your store. Offer small gifts or discounts for subscribing or creating videos that mention your brand.
  4. Utilize trending music in your posts. Underneath popular music tracks, videos that use those tracks are featured. This gives you a chance to be seen by a large number of people without any additional costs.
  5. React to other videos. Grab attention by reacting to already popular videos. Publish your reactions to them. TikTok users enjoy this format and actively watch and subscribe to such content.
  6. Participate in challenges. When brands launch large-scale challenges, users browse through the existing videos on that theme to get inspired and create their masterpieces.

In short:

 As you can see, there are already quite a few ways to earn money on TikTok, and their number will only continue to grow over time. Almost anyone who wishes to can earn on this social media platform, but there are certain requirements to meet:

  1. The number of followers. You should have at least 1000 followers. This is the threshold when your page starts gaining more popularity and becomes interesting to advertisers.
  2. Audience engagement. Your followers should be active and react to your posts. Advertisers always pay attention to the number of views, likes, and comments on your videos before placing an ad.
  3. Completed profile. The more fields in your profile are filled out, the more trust it will inspire. Upload an avatar, provide your real name or company name, describe what you do, and include links to your social media accounts.

 And finally, I'll reveal a secret about where you can find all the methods of earning mentioned in the article.

  1. On TikTok itself. Use hashtags like #job, #advertisement, #promotion, and others related to your chosen method of earning.
  2. The "For You" section. Commercial requests and job vacancies often appear there.
  3. Freelance platforms. Describe your skills and experience on these platforms. People are often looking for TikTok workers there.
  4. Offer your services. Offer to be an assistant to popular creators and help them with their channel for a fee.

 I hope that now your question "Can you earn money on TikTok?" is definitively answered. Also, don't limit yourself to just one method, try different approaches, and you will find success.


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