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Unique Ways to Make Money on Facebook.

Unique Ways to Make Money on Facebook.

Unique Ways to Make Money on Facebook.
Unique Ways to Make Money on Facebook.

12 Ways to Make Money on Facebook.

 Today, Facebook is one of the largest platforms used by many people. Unfortunately, only a few ordinary users are aware of the methods to earn money on this social network.

 In this article, we will provide detailed information about the most effective methods of earning income on the Facebook social network, and you will easily be able to find the most suitable option for yourself.

1. Earning on exchanges:

Let's start with the simplest method, which does not require any special knowledge or significant time investment. Of course, this method is not the most profitable, but it is perfect for beginner users and those who are not familiar with the possibilities of earning money online.

 The essence of this earning method is to like posts, photos, videos, business pages, comment on publications according to the requirements specified in the client's technical task, repost posts on your page, join groups, and leave reviews.

 By the way, you can leave reviews not only on the official business pages of companies but also on independent websites where you just need to log in through Facebook.

 To start earning on Facebook using this method, you need to register on one or several automated promotion exchanges. Keep in mind that some services prohibit registering on competitor sites, so read their rules carefully, otherwise, you may not be able to withdraw your earnings due to being blocked by the administration.

 The main requirement is that you should have a good page with a filled profile, an adequate number of friends, and an active wall. The money earned on such exchanges can be withdrawn to electronic wallets, or bank cards, or used for promoting your accounts and communities.

The earnings there are not significant, only about 300-500 USD per day (with maximum activity), but it requires very little time for such side work.

2. Earning on a business page:

 Unlike your account, with a company page (also called a business page), you can earn significantly more. Such pages have no restrictions on commercial activity and allow the owner to conduct full-fledged advertising campaigns, sell products in unlimited quantities, and create additional sections, turning such a public page into a multifunctional website.

 In the settings of a business page, you can appoint editors, moderators, and administrators, and delegate some of your work to them. All actions on the page are displayed in statistics, allowing you to study your target audience in detail.

If you already have your website or online store, a business page can be a great support and additional advertising platform that will help increase sales.

 You can sell anything on Facebook as long as the product complies with the social network's rules and legal regulations.

 If you don't want to sell anything, you can create and promote a thematic business page (preferably with a commercial focus) and offer paid post placement to interested advertisers. You can also earn money on entertainment themes,

3. Earning in groups:

 Groups and pages on Facebook are similar in many ways, but they have some important differences. For example, the content of a group is not accessible to non-registered Facebook users. Groups bring together users with common interests in a specific niche and are often closed.

 Promoting your business through a group is almost impossible; for that, use business pages or personal profiles. However, groups are perfect for placing thematic advertisements. Before selling ad space, your group should be somewhat popular. In this case, you can extract a decent, essentially passive income from it.

 For example, you created and promoted a group for breastfeeding mothers. Users willingly share their experiences, communicate, and ask questions, and at the right moment, they come across advertisements for infant formula or special feeding accessories. Such advertising in such a group will be very effective, and you won't have to search for advertisers for long.

 You don't necessarily have to advertise products and services directly. You can use hidden advertising, for example, by sharing your own experience with a specific product or impressions of services provided to you.

 Try to balance between explicit advertising posts and genuinely useful content to avoid scaring away your audience.

 Of course, you can also not bother finding clients willing to place ads in your group and earn from subscribers through affiliate programs, of which there are countless today.

4. Earning through affiliate programs:

 This type of earning involves readers of your Facebook group or page clicking on links in your posts, registering, purchasing products, or ordering services, and you receive affiliate commissions. The percentage of commissions depends on the advertiser and their product and can range from 3% to 40% (for example, hosting provider Beget pays 40% for services paid by your referrals).

 The niche in which you earn through affiliate programs depends solely on you.

 The text preceding the referral link is also very important. If you used the product and honestly wrote about it in your post, the conversion rate will be much higher. Especially if your page has a core group of users who trust you. The conditions for earning affiliate commissions can vary, but usually, you earn money for specific user actions (such as a purchase, registration, or form completion) made by users who clicked on your link or for the click itself.

5. Earning through file-sharing services:

 To earn money on file-sharing services, your page should focus on a specific movie genre or TV series. In this case, the earnings can be substantial. Of course, to earn well through this method, your Facebook page should have a decent following. The more traffic, the higher your income will be.

 Additionally, you need to constantly update and maintain the interest of your readers. And you should do this as quickly as possible. For example, many viewers eagerly await the release of new episodes of the popular series "Game of Thrones." A day before the new episode appears online, post a preview on your page and remind those who might have forgotten. As soon as you download the new episode to your hard drive, upload it to a file-sharing service and publish a fresh post on Facebook with a link to the file.

 It is advisable to upload such videos to multiple file-sharing services that pay users real money for every thousand downloads (for example, $10 for 1000 downloads). 

 Choose paid file-sharing services like Depositfiles, Turbobit, Hitfile, and so on. Always make sure the links are not broken, as file-sharing platforms' administrators promptly remove such files from their servers upon copyright holders' request.

 To make it harder to find movies based on their titles, camouflage the file names, as people will be downloading them directly from your Facebook posts with detailed descriptions of the movie/series.

6. Earning through online consultations:

 If you have expertise in a particular field or are a certified specialist, you can earn money on Facebook through consultations. Word-of-mouth works great here: the more people you help, the more clients will come to you based on recommendations.

 You can offer consultations on any topic, from skincare to sports predictions. The key is to provide quality service, as it is incredibly difficult to rebuild your reputation on Facebook if it gets tarnished, considering that all your activities are visible.

7. Earning through selling products:

 You don't necessarily need to create a separate page or group to sell products on Facebook, although that is the optimal approach. You can sell products on your profile as well. However, you need to have a target audience among your followers, and your wall should have interesting and useful thematic posts.

 For example, if you are skilled at creating beautiful and unique handmade crafts, you can share posts about it with your friends and followers on Facebook. Publish tutorials, and step-by-step lessons, and showcase your sold works to demonstrate the complexity and labor involved. Holidays can be particularly profitable in this niche. The more creative your crafts are, the higher the likelihood of them being quickly purchased. Word-of-mouth also works well here, helping you save on advertising.

 Use the built-in chat (online consultant) to avoid losing potential buyers. On Facebook, you can set up automated responses for new users or those who send messages to your chat when you're offline. 

 You can use this method to sell not only physical products but also e-books, guides, or computer game keys. We strongly recommend selling only your books, as copyright holders will quickly shut down any illegal practices.

8. Earning through your services:

 Don't have products to sell? No problem. Talk about the services you provide, state your prices, and earn money. In this case, use Facebook as both your business card and portfolio.

 Publish detailed case studies, talk about your interactions with clients, and don't be afraid to share your mistakes. Facebook is ideal for various types of freelancers: writers, copywriters, translators, designers, programmers, event organizers, and photographers. It's not difficult to find clients in these fields on Facebook. Many freelancers don't have time to create and promote their standalone blogs, and Facebook comes to their rescue in this regard.

 You can use your personal profile, business page, or group to offer your services.

9. Earning on your website through Facebook traffic:

 This type of earning is great for webmasters and entrepreneurs who already have their own websites. On Facebook, you can duplicate information from your website such as videos, photos, screenshots, and podcasts. However, we do not recommend copying text to avoid search engines penalizing your site for duplicated content.

 Use Facebook as an auxiliary platform to attract thematic traffic. First, promote your Facebook page, add users who are directly or indirectly your target audience as friends, and then redirect them from the social network to the landing pages of your website.

 It's not recommended to publish only sales posts on your Facebook page. Mix them with entertaining content, polls, and useful information. This way, readers are more likely to convert into customers. We recommend maintaining a balance where 80% of your posts provide value to users, and 20% can be promotional.

10. Earning through selling popular Facebook pages:

 This is essentially a one-time income. For example, if you've been managing a page for some time, filling it with quality content, and it has accumulated a large number of followers, but you've lost interest in the topic or simply don't have enough time, you can sell it to someone who can make the most out of it. 

 Did you write about car repairs? Sell the page to a car dealership or auto service. Did you share interesting stories and detailed reviews of gadgets? Electronics stores would gladly acquire such a page to promote their products.

 However, you can put the creation and promotion of such pages on a conveyor belt and turn one-time income into a regular stream.

 The only drawback to this earning method is that the sale or purchase of Facebook pages requires the permission of the social network's administration. Therefore, carefully study the rules and choose niches wisely.

11. Earning from original videos:

 To increase activity on Facebook, developers have allowed users to insert advertisements into their video clips. Interestingly, according to Facebook's rules, the duration of an ad insertion can exceed 90 seconds. The author of the video receives 55% of the advertising costs, while the remaining portion is taken by the social network as a commission.

 Here, you'll have to choose where it is more profitable to earn from videos – on Facebook or on YouTube. We still recommend using YouTube if you are a video blogger and/or frequently create new video content. However, if you use videos infrequently and primarily to diversify the content on your Facebook page, feel free to upload the videos to the social network's servers and enable advertising.

12. Earning from applications:

You can earn money both from ready-made applications offered by the social network (e.g., eBay, Shopit) and from developing and implementing your own applications.

 If you don't possess development skills, you can entrust this task to professionals who can easily be found on freelance platforms. The more unique and useful the application turns out to be, the more substantial the income will be. This represents a new level of earning, incomparable to the income you can generate from liking posts and sharing content. We're talking about tens of thousands of dollars.

 You can create an entirely new product and monetize it or offer advertisers the opportunity to place ads in your application.

Of course, it's not necessary to focus on a specific earning method within the world's most popular social network. You can successfully combine different methods together. If you approach this matter responsibly, you can earn on Facebook no less than on a standalone website, or even more, as promoting pages within the network is much easier and cheaper.


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